Live Nation Labs Acquires YourTrove

Ethan posting….

Many years ago, when I was still at Warner Bros Records, I met with three entrepreneurs and engineers at a restaurant in New York City. Seth Blank, Nick Vlku and Jesse Emery showed me this amazing product they had made that could take the amalgamation of social data from groups of people, index it, make it searchable and contextualized. It could expose trends, similarities, and from a simple search query you could find out much more about your world than just staring at a Facebook timeline.

I was amazed.

And then my one year old son threw one of their plates of food across the room before dumping a drink all over the table.

Two things happened as a result of that dinner:

  1. Nick, Seth or Jesse don’t have kids, although Seth just got engaged in Paris. Mazel Tov!
  2. I spent the next three years figuring out how I could work with them

It makes me extremely happy to announce that we have acquired YourTrove. The acquisition of YourTrove has given us two things: expertise in big data engineering, social network API’s and overall technical prowess, and the technology from YourTrove that will help us power the next generation of what concerts should be for a music fan.

We in the labs talk a lot about our continual responsibility to know, remember and respect fans. Implementing the YourTrove platform will allow us to do amazing things in support of that.

Eric Garland, Joe Fleischer, Jenny Connelly and I formed Labs two years ago aiming to challenge assumptions about concert going, and invent and create products that could enable this very 20th (and 19th, 18th, 17th, 16th, etc) century act of “going to a concert” to exist fully integrated in the 21st century. YourTrove will help us deliver on that and more.